Benefits for employees

Do you want to appreciate your employee? Offer him devices in a form of subscriptions for him and his family. It will be an additional motivation and a reward.

In case of the employee not being a part of your company anymore, subscritpion expires  and we pick up the devices. Nobody incures additional costs.

benefit dla pracowników

Take the opportunity

Cost sharing

Subscribe device in it’s full price or share it between you and your employee.


Motivate your employees. Set an installment depending on their monthly results.

Full advantages of our programs

• You only pay for using the device, not it’s full price
• We know how important it is to have new and efficient equipment
• Thanks to the sort-term contract, you are ensured of frequent replacements
• Thanks to subscription, your costs are low and you can have all of your services on one monthly VAT invoice
• Our products are always brand new and original
• Products come only from authorized suppliers

• Full guarantee straight from the producer
• Insurance. Use your devices totally worry-free, if it breaks we will fix it for you in the blink of an eye. We cover up to 60% of the repair cost
• Only 30 PLN per month